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Wildlife Photography Workshops

Wildlife Photography Workshops

Here at Penda, we value wildlife. We are a team of keen photographers who seek to make an impact through amazing photography adventures. Bringing together exciting travel destinations, powerful photographic moments, and opportunities to get involved with local NGOs is at the heart of what we do. Wildlife photography workshops make for some of our absolute favorite travel experiences.

Join one of our African photo safaris to see the renowned Big Five (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and buffalo) at the peak of dawn. Or, embark with us on a journey through the Peruvian Amazon to practice macro photography on the jungle’s most intricate insects. If you prefer cold climates, follow the Sami – and their reindeer – on an unforgettable nomadic trek across Norwegian tundra. No matter where you join us, it is bound to be an extraordinary adventure! 

We believe in the importance of making a positive impact wherever we travel. That’s why we collaborate with local NGOs to develop our workshops. Each workshop gives you a unique opportunity to support regional conservation efforts and learn about local issues. Your trip will not only be a rewarding experience for you, but it will do good for others. 

Look below to explore the wildlife photography workshops we currently offer and get in touch if you have any questions!

Find out more about our Wildlife Photography Workshops

Madagascar Photography Tour - Wildlife Photography Tours

£ 5 930

Madagascar Photography Tour

QuickFacts Dates - Wildlife Photography Tours

May 9 - 23, 2021

QuickFacts Place - Wildlife Photography Tours


QuickFacts Photography Type - Wildlife Photography Tours

Landscape, Wildlife & Culture Photography

Capture the unspoiled beauty of Madagascar during an adventurous photography workshop. (1 SPACE LEFT!)

wildlife photography workshop Amazon


Amazon Wildlife Photography Workshop, Peru

QuickFacts Dates - Wildlife Photography Tours

Jul & Aug 2021 / May & Jun & Jul & Aug 2022

QuickFacts Place - Wildlife Photography Tours

Amazon, Peru

QuickFacts Photography Type - Wildlife Photography Tours

Wildlife Photography

Have a wild photography adventure in the depth of the Amazon Rainforest.

wildlife photography internship

£ 3 900

Wildlife Photography Internship South Africa

QuickFacts Dates - Wildlife Photography Tours

Monthly start dates

QuickFacts Place - Wildlife Photography Tours

Kruger, South Africa

QuickFacts Photography Type - Wildlife Photography Tours

Wildlife Photography

Learn about what it takes to be a wildlife photographer, and build an amazing portfolio.

giraffe with baby

Highlights of a Wildlife Photography Workshop

Joining us on a wildlife photography workshop is an experience you won’t soon forget.

We work hard with our guides to ensure that you are in the right place, at the right time, to capture the best images possible. Above all, we want you to enjoy the journey! We believe that embarking on a wildlife photography workshop is one of the best ways to experience everything nature has to offer. We offer a variety of workshops to meet your interests and needs!

For wildlife photographers in the making, join one of our wildlife photography internships. As an intern, you will embark on a variety of photography assignments. These assignments will give you the practical experience necessary to strengthen and refine your skills while having unforgettable travel experiences. An industry professional will mentor you throughout your internship, teaching you how to excel as a wildlife photographer. If you are passionate about wildlife photography, this is the place to further your skills and build a solid portfolio!

Or, adventure with us on one of our photo safaris! Each day you will embark on unforgettable wildlife photography expeditions. Journeying out before dawn, you will spend your days exploring stunning vistas filled with active wildlife. We keep group sizes small, ensuring you won’t have to compromise on unmissable photographic opportunities. 

If you are interested in building your skills as a wildlife photographer, enroll in one of our wildlife photography courses. Here, you will learn a variety of photography techniques to take your images to the next level. Our wildlife photography courses take on a hands-on approach to learning. You can be sure that you will not only improve your photography skills but also have some incredible travel experiences while doing so!

Lastly, for an impact-focused photography adventure, join one of our wildlife photography volunteering projects. Your trip will begin with a short, yet comprehensive, wildlife photography workshop. Here, photographers of all skill levels will learn new techniques to make their wildlife photography shine. Unique wildlife photography expeditions and conservation assignments will fill the remainder of your trip. The images you capture here will directly contribute to local conservation efforts. Beyond photography, you will also have the opportunity to get knee-deep in some general conservation projects! 

elephants at pond

Making an Impact

At Penda, we believe in the power of photography to do good.

That’s why making a positive impact is at the heart of our wildlife photography workshops. We believe that photography for impact, filled with exciting adventures, makes for unforgettable travel experiences. These are the actions we have taken to ensure your trip leaves a beneficial impact on the environment and community visited:

  • We believe that wildlife photography is not only a phenomenal opportunity to capture incredible images, but also to support local conservation efforts. We seek to use photography as a tool for conservation in a variety of ways. Each of our wildlife photography workshops focuses on making an impact in a way that is unique to the wildlife, destination, and focus of that trip. No matter how you join us, from photo safaris to wildlife photography courses, you can be sure you will be contributing to wildlife and environmental conservation in a sustainable way. Explore our workshops to learn more! 
  • Your trip will be supporting Penda Trust, a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote positive community development through photography. Penda Photo Tours funds 100% of the administrative costs to run Penda Trust. Just by joining us on a photo safari, you are helping Penda Trust achieve its mission.
  • Lastly, we value adding a green element to our travel experiences. That’s why we’ve partnered with Greenpop to plant a tree for every participant that joins us. By doing this, we hope to offset some of the carbon emissions from travel and support building a greener South Africa. 

Our mission is to support people and the planet through photography. We cannot wait to have you join us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your wildlife photography workshops cater for photographers of all levels?

Yes, absolutely! We cater to all levels and ensure that group sizes are small enough for you to get the one on one tutoring you need. We want everyone to have an incredible trip and produce fantastic images, regardless of previous experience. 

Is going on a photo safari safe?

Yes! Our team has extensive knowledge and years of experience in the travel industry. We dedicate ourselves to create the best itineraries possible while putting your safety first the entire time.

What kind of equipment will I need?

This varies between trips. Before you join us, we will send you an information package highlighting the specific type of equipment we suggest bringing. Generally, we recommend an SLR camera, a couple of lenses, spare memory cards (or film!), and extra batteries. If you have any specific questions about gear before your trip, we would be happy to answer them!

How big are your groups?

Our groups are generally no bigger than 6 participants. We work with small groups to ensure that incredible photographic opportunities are never compromised. We also value the importance of quality tutoring. Small groups guarantee that you will have access to the best possible personal mentoring in your photography, without having to compete for attention. Ultimately, you can be sure you will not get stuck on a middle seat during one of our photo safaris!

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand the COVID-19 pandemic has created some uncertainty around travel. Here at Penda, we are still committed to providing the best possible travel experiences. That’s why we have developed a new cancellation policy so you can feel confident booking with us. Learn more here.