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If you’re looking for the perfect holiday that allows for a combination of outstanding landscape,  wildlife, and cultural photography, then look no further and join us for a Madagascar photography tour. Every twist and turn you take in Madagascar is picture-perfect, allowing you to truly indulge in your passion for photography. As you travel throughout Madagascar, you’ll witness a great variety of landscapes; amazing white sand beaches that beckons relaxation, but also mountains, rainforests, and of course, the iconic trees of Baobab Alley. For wildlife photography enthusiasts, there are some unique creatures to frame, including chameleons, over 30 species of birds, and – of course – lemurs. And those who are keen to photograph Malagasy culture will be pleased to know that our photo tour in Madagascar also incorporates visits to welcoming local villages. 

Our Photo Tours in Madagascar

Madagascar Photography Tour

Madagascar Photography Tour

Cultural, Landscape, Wildlife

Discover Madagascar's boundless natural beauty on our photography tour.

May 31 – Jun 15, 2025

Highlights of a Photo Tour in Madagascar

Madagascar photo tour

  • Enjoy an incredible variety of photographic opportunities in a truly unique destination 
  • Photograph the famous Baobab Alley, vast coastlines, mountainous landscapes, and colorful rice paddies
  • Encounter and photograph some of the wildlife endemic to Madagascar, including lemurs 
  • Enjoy starry nights in remote areas and practice astrophotography
  • Visit small villages and learn about Malagasy culture 
  • Improve your photography skills through personal tutoring by seasoned professionals

Why Choose a Photo Tour in Madagascar

With its mixed cultural heritage, its almost surreal diversity of landscapes, and its endemic wildlife inhabitants, Madagascar is genuinely unique. As a visitor, you’ll be treated to an abundance of stunning sites; frilly giants of trees, brightly colored lizards, impressive mountainscapes, and never-ending tropical beaches. Plus, you’ll encounter interesting cultures and welcoming communities. It’s a destination that’s hard to match for the adventurous photography enthusiast.


Madagascar FAQs

QUESTION:Do I need Malaria Tablets for Madagascar?

In general, Madagascar has a risk of Malaria. This is a disease that is transmitted by mosquitoes. One way to ensure your protection against malaria is by taking antimalarial tablets when you visit Madagascar. We ask that you contact your health advisor for medical advice.

QUESTION:What Language is Spoken in Madagascar?

Madagascar has two official languages, French and Malagasy. Malagasy is the most widely spoken language amongst locals in Madagascar, while French is commonly spoken in urban areas.  

QUESTION:What Currency is Used in Madagascar?

The currency used in Madagascar is the Malagasy Ariary. Most tourist establishments will accept credit card payments, however, it is always good to check beforehand. If cash is needed, then you’ll be able to exchange money or withdraw cash at the ATMs in Madagascar. 


Most of our photo workshops are suitable for photographers of all levels. This means that you can be a pro or an absolute beginner, and we’ll cater for your photography needs. Since our groups are small, we tailor-make the tutoring to everyone’s individual level, and make sure we cater for everyone. If workshops are more suitable for photographers of a specific level, it will be clearly indicated.

QUESTION:What types of landscapes are best for photographing?

The best landscapes for photography depends on where your passion lies. If you’re interested in winter scenery, the best landscapes would be the snowy mountains and majestic glaciers in Iceland. If you’re more passionate about desert landscapes, then the iconic sand dunes in Namibia are the perfect choice for you. 

QUESTION:What to expect from a landscape photography tour?

Landscape photography is an incredible way to embark on outdoor adventures, witness stunning vistas, and refine your photography skills. Prepare to travel to picturesque landmarks of your destination, form bonds with fellow explorers on the tour, and forge connections with the local community for an unforgettable experience.

QUESTION:What are the challenges of landscape photography?

It’s important to understand the challenges you may come across with landscape photography. To get that perfect shot on your camera, there are many uncertainties that you might deal with, such as the climate, finding the best lighting for the right exposure, and choosing the right lens. However, there is no need to worry, as all of our tours have professional photographers to help you overcome these challenges to take that perfect photo!  

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