Our photography charity, Penda Trust

We believe in the power of photography. The power to inspire, the power to connect, and the power to do good. That’s why we created the Penda Trust, a non-profit organisation that uses photography to generate positive change in developing countries.

The Penda Trust achieves its mission in the following three ways:

We provide grass-roots charities with professional photographs that they can use to raise awareness about their issues and fundraise for their causes. Visual marketing is essential for any charity to get their word across, and good photography is a vital part of this. We identify non-profit organisations in developing countries that will benefit from having professional photographs, and document their work.

We host photography workshops for talented young individuals in underprivileged communities. Photography can give people a voice. We identify young individuals with an interest in and talent for photography, and provide workshops where we encourage them to tell their stories, and the stories of their communities, through photography. We teach them creative self-expression, and the power visual images can have. Participants are encouraged to raise awareness about issues that matter most to them, which stimulates positive activism.

We highlight important issues by creating and exposing great photography. We fund and organise expositions to present photography that would otherwise not be seen; photography that tells important stories, highlights the work of important organisations, and gives a communications platform to these causes.

We also believe that tourism has great potential for contributing to good causes, so Penda Photo Tours and the Penda Trust work closely together. Wherever possible, our projects and our tours are integrated; our charity mainly works in areas where we run photography tours, and where possible, clients are able to contribute to these projects, adding a rich dimension to the experience. Moreover, Penda Photo Tours funds the main administration costs of the charity, allowing the Penda Trust to operate on a 100-percent-model. This means 100% of donations go towards funding projects.

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