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Cuba’s character is unique, and our photography tours are designed to help you see this captivating country from a different perspective. Make sure you join us to explore the colorful architecture and breathtaking natural landscapes that make Cuba photography tours a paradise for photographers! As you embark on this photography tour in Cuba, you will not only capture the breathtaking visuals, but also experience the daily lives and traditions of the Cuban people, helping you forge a genuine connection with the culture.

In Cuba, our photo tours are done with a small group of like-minded enthusiasts and the guidance of expert photographers. With the help of these experts, you’ll come away with a stunning collection of images that truly encapsulate (in a beautiful way) your photography trip to Cuba.

Our Photo Tours in Cuba

Cuba Photo Tour: Havana & Trinidad

Cuba Photo Tour: Havana & Trinidad


Roam through the timeless streets of Cuba and photograph its outstanding cultural beauty.

Nov 17 – 29, 2024

Highlights of a Photo Tour in Cuba

Embark On A Documentary Photography Trip To Cuba

  • Explore Cuba in an authentic, off the beaten track way, with photography guides who know the country intimately 
  • Hone your photography skills through personalized tutoring 
  • Visit a unique set of Cuban cities; Havana, Trinidad, and Santa Clara, all with a very distinct character 
  • Adopt and explore a storytelling and documentary style approach to photography; something that Cuba lends itself perfectly to
  • Enjoy a flexible itinerary that allows you to make the most of photographic opportunities

Why Choose Penda

An immersive visual journey through captivating landscapes and vibrant cultures. Our curated selection of photo tours offers unparalleled experiences led by seasoned photographers who know the best angles and lighting to capture stunning shots. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro, Penda's tours cater to all skill levels, fostering growth and creativity. With a focus on small-group sizes, personalized attention is guaranteed, ensuring you return home with not just photos but memories that last a lifetime. Embrace the art of photography with Penda and unlock the world through your lens.


Cuba FAQs

QUESTION:What is The Best Time to Travel to Cuba?

The best time to travel to Cuba is November to April because it’s the dry season of its tropical climate. This period brings you sunny weather, with little to no rain, which is perfect for photography. 

If you want to take the best photos in Cuba, read our blog on how to optimize your photography for our Cuba Tours.  


Most of our photo workshops are suitable for photographers of all levels. This means that you can be a pro or an absolute beginner, and we’ll cater for your photography needs. Since our groups are small, we tailor-make the tutoring to everyone’s individual level, and make sure we cater for everyone. If workshops are more suitable for photographers of a specific level, it will be clearly indicated.

QUESTION:What can I expect from a cultural photography tour?

Depending on where you’re headed for a cultural photography tour, you can expect different experiences based on the provided itineraries of the trips. Regardless of your destination, you’ll discover unique cultures, full of photographic opportunities, as well as have the chance to engage with local communities.

QUESTION:Should you ask for permission to take cultural photos?

It’s important to maintain ethical photography practices when you’re on a photography trip in order to respect the local culture. You don’t want to impose on the local community in ways that can come off as intrusive, so if you’re unsure about whether you need permission, then it’s best to always ask.

If you want a better understanding of ethics in photography, we offer a perfect example of why it’s important to be mindful of how we approach photographing the communities we visit. 

QUESTION:What does a day at a cultural photography workshop look like?

As each cultural photography workshop is unique, it’s hard to fit what a day may look like into one box. You can expect to receive guidance on your photography from an expert photographer alongside your journey, all the while embracing the rich nuances of the local culture by fully immersing yourself in the experience. 

QUESTION:Do I need special qualifications to be part of a cultural photo tour?

With the exception of our NGO photography program, which includes an application procedure beforehand, our cultural photo tours are open to all levels of photographers. All you need is a passion for traveling and photography! 

Make the most out of your Cuba holiday and learn to enhance your photography for our cultural photography tours.

QUESTION:What is cultural photography?

Cultural photography centers on capturing the essence of the local cultures of a place. The essence of a culture can be anything, from the local people, architecture, food, and even landscapes. As a photographer, you’ll immerse yourself in local cultures, while visually narrating the stories of these cultures through your lens.  

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Andrew Bell's take on why Cuba makes a great photographic destination

Only opened to tourists in the last decade after half a century of political isolation, the country has a culture, aesthetic, and vibrancy that is entirely its own. From smoky low lit jazz bars to cacophonous cafe’s to the cobblestoned side streets they spill on to, Cuba is a country where your creativity with a camera can run rampant.

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