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Photo Tours & Photography Workshops

Find your ideal photographic experience!

If you’re a keen photographer and an avid traveler, we’ve got some exciting opportunities for you! We’re excited to offer a wide range of photography workshops, photo safaris, and photo tours around the world. Whether you’re into landscape, wildlife, or cultural photography, we can offer you a trip that will inspire you. And don’t worry how experienced you are; we offer trips for photographers of all levels. Have a browse, or get in touch if you’d like us to help you find your ideal photo tour!

Who should join a photography workshop?

Anyone with an interest in photography and a desire to travel can join our photo workshops! We create experiences for photographers of different levels, for photographers with different passions, and for anyone keen to explore an incredible place through their lens. We’ll be happy to assist you in finding the perfect photo tour for you.

What will I learn?

Our photography workshops are designed to allow photographers of different levels to develop their skills, and come away with mind-blowing images. The photographic tutoring depends on the workshop, the workshop leader, and your skill level, but in general, we’ll cover most technical aspects of your camera, as well as creative composition and post-processing. All workshops have dedicated time to photography tutorials, and during most offer the opportunity to share and review everyone’s work, allowing for a constructive learning space. You can find more detailed information on tutoring during specific workshops in the section called ‘the photography,’ which you’ll find when you click on the different workshops. And if you’d like to know even more, just give us a shout!

How good do I need to be?

Most of our photo workshops are suitable for photographers of all levels. This means that you can be a pro or an absolute beginner, and we’ll cater for your photography needs. Since our groups are small, we tailor-make the tutoring to everyone’s individual level, and make sure we cater for everyone. If workshops are more suitable for photographers of a specific level, it will be clearly indicated.

How do I make sure I pick the right photo tour?

We’ll help you pick the perfect photography workshop for you! We’re here to help you make an informed decision, and find a workshop that matches your interests, photography level, and practical requirements. We offer personalised service and will be able to answer any of your questions throughout the enquiry and booking processes! Just give us a shout, and we’ll get back to you straight away.

What equipment do I need?

Once you book a photo tour, we’ll give you a document with detailed pre-departure information that will include a packing list. We’ll advise you on what clothes to bring, what practical gadgets you might need, and of course what photography gear we recommend. In general, we recommend an SLR camera, a range of lenses, and spare memory cards (or film) and batteries. Sometimes filters and tripods are recommended as well. And often it helps to bring a computer with editing software. But since it varies per workshop, we’ll give you tailor-made information about the workshop you’re interested in. A useful resource is this article by photographer Alan Hewitt on how to pack for a photo safari.

How is Penda Photo Tours connected to Penda Trust?

The company and the trust closely aligned, and driven by the same vision; the believe in the power of photography. Penda Photo Tours funds all ongoing administration costs of Penda Trust, allowing the charity to run on a hundred-percent-model that means the total amount of donations can be used to fund projects. Wherever possible, our photo tours and our charity projects are integrated; our charity mainly works in areas where we run photography tours, and where possible, clients are able to contribute to these projects, adding a rich dimension to the experience. Find out more about Penda Trust! 

How can I contribute to the charity?

By booking a photography workshop, you’re already helping, as part of our proceeds go towards funding the running of Penda Trust. If you’d like to make an additional contribution to support our charity’s work, you can do so here.

What is the balance between photography and relaxation?

This is different for each photography workshop. Some workshops have very active itineraries and allow you to just focus on your photography; others allow for more relaxation or more individual exploration. We’ll be very happy to advise you on which workshops will be ideal for you, if you let us know what kind of balance you are looking for!

Can non-photographers come along?

Absolutely! While our photo tours are built with photography in mind, they all offer incredible experiences that will be enjoyable to non-photographers as well. You’ll just have to be happy to be surrounded by a lot of conversations about photography!

What are the group sizes?

This depends on the specific workshop, but we only work in small groups – the average being about 6 participants per photography workshop. This ensures a lot of individual attention from our workshop leaders, so that we can cater for people with different skill levels. It also ensures that the photography opportunities are exclusive, and that we have the personal and relaxed dynamics that come with a small group.