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Namibia is a photographer’s treasure trove, brimming with out-of-this-world opportunities to create photographic gold. With truly otherworldly landscapes, unique and iconic flora and fauna, and fascinating local cultures with colorful traditions, Namibia photography tours have something for everyone.

Namibia beckons with a diverse canvas of natural wonders. The Brandberg Mountains offer a dramatic setting to capture the endemic desert-adapted wildlife. Etosha National Park promises encounters with diverse wildlife species against the backdrop of vast salt pans. Lastly, the ethereal red dunes of the Skeleton Coast unveil a surreal landscape and stunning bird photography opportunities. All this and more make Namibia an unparalleled photo tour destination.

Our Photo Tours in Namibia

Namibia Landscape Photography Workshop

Namibia Landscape Photography Workshop


With its red sand dunes and wide canyons, Namibia is perfect for landscape photography.

Nov 2 - 15, 2024
Namibia Photo Tour

Namibia Photo Tour

Landscape, Wildlife

Namibia's landscapes and wildlife offers a great mix of landscape and wildlife photography.

Apr 24 - May 9 2025

Highlights of a Photo Tour in Namibia

  • Photograph Namibia’s wide variety of spectacular and surreal landscapes 
  • Visit the famous Fish River Canyon, Sossusvlei, and Quiver Tree Forest
  • Photograph a wealth of wildlife in one of Africa’s largest game reserves, Etosha National Park, including elephants, big cats, and the iconic oryx
  • Enjoy a holiday that is fully designed by and for photographers, ensuring that you will get the best possible photographic opportunities

Why Choose a Photo Tour in Namibia

Embarking on Namibia photography tours is a dream of wildlife and landscape photographers alike. From the mesmerizing red dunes of the Skeleton Coast to the staggering Epupa Falls, Namibia unfolds as a vast canvas of unique geological wonders. The ancient rock art of the Brandberg Mountains offers captivating subjects, while the wildlife-rich Etosha National Park provides thrilling opportunities for capturing all the Big Five. Whether documenting the ethereal beauty of the landscapes, or vibrant and varied wildlife a photo tour in Namibia is the perfect playground to create iconic images.

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Namibia FAQs

QUESTION:Do I need professional-quality photo equipment?

Yes! Our safari tours require you to bring your own photography equipment. Of course, you’ll need your camera, a couple of lenses, and a laptop for editing. Aside from that, it might be beneficial to bring additional equipment to our safaris to maximize the quality of your photography, depending on the specific trip you’ll be joining. Get even more useful advice from our wildlife photographer, Alan Hewitt, who recommends what to bring on a photo safari.

QUESTION:What does a Landscape photography workshop look like?

Our landscape photography tours provide a photography workshop with an expert photographer to help you craft amazing photos to add to your portfolio. You’ll receive insightful tips for landscape photography that cater to every level, learn about creative composition, hone your post-production skills, and much more!

QUESTION:What types of landscapes are best for photographing?

The best landscapes for photography depends on where your passion lies. If you’re interested in winter scenery, the best landscapes would be the snowy mountains and majestic glaciers in Iceland. If you’re more passionate about desert landscapes, then the iconic sand dunes in Namibia are the perfect choice for you. 

QUESTION:What to expect from a landscape photography tour?

Landscape photography is an incredible way to embark on outdoor adventures, witness stunning vistas, and refine your photography skills. Prepare to travel to picturesque landmarks of your destination, form bonds with fellow explorers on the tour, and forge connections with the local community for an unforgettable experience.

QUESTION:What are the challenges of landscape photography?

It’s important to understand the challenges you may come across with landscape photography. To get that perfect shot on your camera, there are many uncertainties that you might deal with, such as the climate, finding the best lighting for the right exposure, and choosing the right lens. However, there is no need to worry, as all of our tours have professional photographers to help you overcome these challenges to take that perfect photo!  

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