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South Africa

South Africa has it all; wildlife-rich national parks, expansive mountain ranges, inviting beaches, and a diverse cultural heritage. In other words, it’s a dream destination for photographers with a great variety of interests. Whether you’re into wildlife photography, landscape photography, or cultural photography, a photo tour in South Africa delivers something amazing. 

We invite you to join us on a South African photo safari that allows you to enjoy close encounters with the Big Five – and more – in an exclusive private concession. Guided by a professional wildlife photographer, you’ll be guaranteed to sharpen your skills and come back with an impressive portfolio of images. Or, if you’d like to combine wildlife photography with contributing to conservation initiatives, consider becoming a wildlife photography volunteer in South Africa. 

If humanitarian photography is your thing, we invite you to instead join us for an NGO storytelling photography workshop. It’s a unique way to become a photography volunteer and document the work of social impact projects doing important humanitarian work. 

Our Photo Tours in South Africa

Impact Photography Program, Malawi, South Africa & Zambia

Impact Photography Program, Malawi, South Africa & Zambia


Empower your photography with our impact photo workshop in Africa

May 4 - 18, 2025
Wildlife Photography Internship, South Africa

Wildlife Photography Internship, South Africa


South Africa's Greater Kruger is a perfect destination for wildlife photographers.

Regular Start Dates

Min. 8 Weeks

Wildlife Photography & Conservation Volunteer Project, South Africa

Wildlife Photography & Conservation Volunteer Project, South Africa


Make your photography matter with our wildlife photography project in the Greater Kruger.

Regular Start Dates

Min. 4 Weeks

South Africa Photo Safari

South Africa Photo Safari

African Big Five, Wildlife

Witness incredible wildlife on a private game reserve with our South African photo safari.

Aug 8 - 14, 2024

Jul 25 - 31, 2025


Highlights of a Photo Safari in South Africa

  • Enjoy a variety of breathtaking wildlife photography opportunities 
  • Contribute to raising awareness for conservation causes with one of our nonprofit wildlife photography tours
  • Enjoy a personalized experience with small group sizes, allowing for close attention from your photography guides
  • Be guided by local guides and trackers with great expertise

Why Choose a Photo Safari in South Africa

At Penda, we are dedicated to providing keen photographers with incredible travel experiences; trips that allow them to experience a gorgeous location through their art, and to sharpen their skills at the same time. South Africa is a destination that makes this easy; it’s a country that offers a broad spectrum of photography experiences. From photo safaris, where you can passionately explore the realm of wildlife photography, to humanitarian photography, in which you can learn to use your camera as a force for good, our photography tours in South Africa ensure an unforgettable journey.

Why travel with us

South Africa FAQs

QUESTION:What is conservation photography?

To put simply, conservation photography is photography that focuses on important conservation initiatives, such as wildlife conservation. Conservation photography can be used to tell visual stories of conservation work, as well as conservation issues, that could aid organizations and charities with their engagement. 

QUESTION:Do I need professional-quality photo equipment?

Yes! Our safari tours require you to bring your own photography equipment. Of course, you’ll need your camera, a couple of lenses, and a laptop for editing. Aside from that, it might be beneficial to bring additional equipment to our safaris to maximize the quality of your photography, depending on the specific trip you’ll be joining. Get even more useful advice from our wildlife photographer, Alan Hewitt, who recommends what to bring on a photo safari.

QUESTION:What to pack for safari in South Africa?

Depending on which safari tour you’ve chosen, what to pack may differ slightly. South Africa has a sub-tropical climate with four seasons, so you should pack according to the season in which our photo safari is available. Also, each tour page offers information on the equipment you should bring for the best photography experience. 

If you want to know how to take great photos on a safari, check our insightful tips by photographer Alan Hewitt


This depends on the specific workshop, but we only work in small groups – the average being about 6 participants per photography workshop. This ensures a lot of individual attention from our workshop leaders, so that we can cater for people with different skill levels. It also ensures that the photography opportunities are exclusive, and that we have the personal and relaxed dynamics that come with a small group.

QUESTION:What photo gear do I need for a humanitarian photography workshop?

Depending on which humanitarian photography workshop you’re joining, the equipment we recommend you bring differs. All of our tour pages provide equipment information, thus we kindly ask that you check each page.

QUESTION:When is the best time to go on a safari in South Africa?

The most optimal time to go on a safari in South Africa is during the dry season, which runs from May to September. These months are perfect for capturing some incredible wildlife photography. This is due to the vegetation thinning out, which makes spotting wildlife easier, as they tend to gather around water holes. 

QUESTION:Do your wildlife photography workshops cater for photographers of all levels?

Yes, absolutely! We cater to all levels and ensure that group sizes are small enough for you to get the one on one tutoring you need. We want everyone to have an incredible trip and produce fantastic images, regardless of previous experience.

QUESTION:What is a day on a Photo Safari like?

A day on a photo safari consists of going on game drives, where you’ll encounter a range of African wildlife, from elephants to big cats, and countless other species for you to photograph. Apart from game drives, you might also have the opportunity to go on walking safaris, and of course, elevate your photography skills through tutoring by an expert.  

QUESTION:What kind of photography equipment will I need?

This varies between trips. Before you join us, we will send you an information package highlighting the specific type of equipment we suggest bringing. Generally, we recommend an SLR camera, a couple of lenses, spare memory cards (or film!), and extra batteries. If you have any specific questions about gear before your trip, we would be happy to answer them!

Popular Photo Safaris

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