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If you’re after an African wilderness experience, a Botswana photo safari should be high on your list. Botswana is a prime destination for wildlife photography due to the large wildlife population that inhabits the country, as well as the government’s active commitment to protecting its wildlife and keeping the safari experience exclusive. This means that visitors to Botswana can enjoy an authentic wilderness in the African bush that is devoid of a mass tourism infrastructure. It’s an au natural environment without any fences, enabling animals to roam freely. You can expect to photograph lions, leopards, elephants, and much more, against a backdrop of stunning – and highly varied – landscapes.

Our Photo Tours in Botswana

Botswana Photo Safari

Botswana Photo Safari

African Big Five, Wildlife

See what Botswana has to offer, from its lush landscapes to a wealth of wilderness.

Aug 1 - 7, 2024

Aug 15 – 21, 2024


Highlights of a Photo Tour in Botswana

Elephants wakling across a dried up river in Botswana photo safari

  • Enjoy high quality wildlife encounters, including big cats and massive herds of elephants 
  • Photograph wildlife with a striking backdrop; vast rocky landscapes, huge dry riverbeds, and endless vistas 
  • Have a true wilderness experience; our camp (which is exclusively ours) is based in the heart of the game reserve 
  • Enjoy photographic tutoring from Alan Hewitt, a renowned wildlife and conservation photographer 
  • Try your hand at astrophotography and dine under the stars

Why Choose a Photo Tour in Botswana

A photo tour in Botswana provides an exclusive experience that is suited for those wanting to capture authentic wildlife photos in a true wilderness setting. It’s the wildlife photographer’s dream. The intimacy of the safari, alongside the eco-friendly yet luxurious accommodations within the nature reserves, offers a full immersion into the wilderness without any distractions. Join us for an ultimate getaway with a photography tour in Botswana.

Why travel with us

Botswana FAQs

QUESTION:Do I need professional-quality photo equipment?

Yes! Our safari tours require you to bring your own photography equipment. Of course, you’ll need your camera, a couple of lenses, and a laptop for editing. Aside from that, it might be beneficial to bring additional equipment to our safaris to maximize the quality of your photography, depending on the specific trip you’ll be joining. Get even more useful advice from our wildlife photographer, Alan Hewitt, who recommends what to bring on a photo safari.

QUESTION:What language is spoken in Botswana?

In Botswana, English is the official language, so there shouldn’t be a significant language barrier as many locals speak it. The national language, however, is Setswana, which is spoken by a majority of the population. Although you may hear locals speaking Setswana, you won’t run into any issues communicating with them in English.

QUESTION:What is Botswana known for?

Botswana is widely known for its awe-inspiring landscapes, such as the unique river structures of the Okavango Delta and the dramatic rocky vistas of Tuli Block, and for its incredible wildlife encounters. This is what makes it one of Africa’s top safari destinations. It offers exclusive wilderness experiences with unique photographic opportunities that are premier for photographers.  

If you want to know more, read our blog on why Botswana is great for photo safaris.  


This depends on the specific workshop, but we only work in small groups – the average being about 6 participants per photography workshop. This ensures a lot of individual attention from our workshop leaders, so that we can cater for people with different skill levels. It also ensures that the photography opportunities are exclusive, and that we have the personal and relaxed dynamics that come with a small group.


Most of our photo workshops are suitable for photographers of all levels. This means that you can be a pro or an absolute beginner, and we’ll cater for your photography needs. Since our groups are small, we tailor-make the tutoring to everyone’s individual level, and make sure we cater for everyone. If workshops are more suitable for photographers of a specific level, it will be clearly indicated.


Our photography workshops are designed to allow photographers of different levels to develop their skills, and come away with mind-blowing images. The photographic tutoring depends on the workshop, the workshop leader, and your skill level, but in general, we’ll cover most technical aspects of your camera, as well as creative composition and post-processing. All workshops have dedicated time to photography tutorials, and during most offer the opportunity to share and review everyone’s work, allowing for a constructive learning space. You can find more detailed information on tutoring during specific workshops in the section called ‘the photography,’ which you’ll find when you click on the different workshops. And if you’d like to know even more, just give us a shout!

QUESTION:What to wear on an African safari?

The clothes you wear on a safari are important to think about. Keep in mind the season of the country you’re visiting when packing. Wearing long pants is beneficial to protect your legs from any scratches or bug bites that can occur when on a safari, and neutral-colored clothes are a great way to blend into your surroundings. Closed shoes are important for your comfort when walking on terrain, as well as a hat to protect yourself from the sun. 

QUESTION:Do your wildlife photography workshops cater for photographers of all levels?

Yes, absolutely! We cater to all levels and ensure that group sizes are small enough for you to get the one on one tutoring you need. We want everyone to have an incredible trip and produce fantastic images, regardless of previous experience.

QUESTION:What is a day on a Photo Safari like?

A day on a photo safari consists of going on game drives, where you’ll encounter a range of African wildlife, from elephants to big cats, and countless other species for you to photograph. Apart from game drives, you might also have the opportunity to go on walking safaris, and of course, elevate your photography skills through tutoring by an expert.  

QUESTION:What kind of photography equipment will I need?

This varies between trips. Before you join us, we will send you an information package highlighting the specific type of equipment we suggest bringing. Generally, we recommend an SLR camera, a couple of lenses, spare memory cards (or film!), and extra batteries. If you have any specific questions about gear before your trip, we would be happy to answer them!

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