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Enjoy a unique mix of wildlife and landscape photography.

Join this 14-day photography tour through the gems of Northern Namibia and see your skills with a camera develop significantly. This part of the world is a veritable treasure chest of photo opportunities and with this workshop, you’ll get the lot! Together, we’ll travel across the expansive Etosha National Park and capture its impressive cast of wildlife, witness the staggering Epupa Falls, and see the vast deserts and dunes of the Skeleton Coast. We’ll also explore the traditional cultures of this region. The photographic opportunities are both abundant and varied. You’ll travel in small groups, enjoy tailored tutoring from two instructors, and get the chance to choose what aspects of photography you learn about. This trip will leave any enthusiastic photographer wanting for nothing!

Highlights of this Namibia Photo Tour: 

  • Tour across the amazingly diverse landscapes of Namibia and learn how to best capture these vistas
  • Photograph a wealth of wildlife in one of Africa’s largest game reserves, Etosha National Park, including elephants, big cats, and the iconic oryx
  • Witness the awesome power of Namibia’s largest waterfall, Ruacana Falls, as well as the impressive Epupa Falls
  • Experience the fascinating cultures of the semi-nomadic Himba people and their customary dress
  • Visit the iconic dunes of the skeleton coast and get ideal views of the pelicans and flamingos there
  • Benefit from the deal instructor to participant ratio of 1:3
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The diversity of landscapes this destination offers is nothing short of stunning. From one of Africa’s largest game reserves, Etosha National Park, to the rugged terrain of Kaokoveld region, to the breathtaking Epupa and Ruacana falls along the gorges of the Kunene River, all the way up to Namibia’s highest mountain, the Brandberg Mountain, Northern Namibia’s landscape photo opportunities are endless. The truly unique scenery you’ll find in these locations offer some of the exciting opportunities to hone your craft with a camera in the world.

All that’s before getting to the wildlife. Etosha National Park is home to healthy populations of all of Africa’s most iconic wildlife. Expect to encounter large herds of elephants, big cats (hopefully lions and/or leopards), giraffes, kudu, zebra, and oryx. There are spectacular species of birds, too. In the Kaokoveld region, there are desert-adapted species of giraffes, lions, elephants, as well as all kinds of reptiles and insects. Along the Kunene river there are huge populations of hippos and crocodiles, and predator birds like king fishers and fish eagles.

Beyond this there is ancient rock art in the Brandberg mountains, unparalleled opportunities for astrophotography, and the fascinating culture of the Himba people with their distinctive ochre body paint and elaborate hairstyles.

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Like all of our tours, this workshop is designed entirely to provide you with the best photo opportunities this destination has to offer. We take you on the best game drives, bush walks, and bird watching trails in Etosha National Park, pairing you with the most knowledgeable guides, and giving you all the time you need to take perfect pictures. On top of game drives, we’ll book several sessions in a sunken hide on the edge of a waterhole where you’ll have amazing angles for wildlife photography.

We also take you to the Ruacana falls when the Kunene River is at its strongest when its awe-inspiring power creates a spray of mist that can be seen for miles around. We find you pristine night skies and epic panoramas as we visit the Brandberg mountains. Finally, the trip ends with a day on a small boat out on the waters of Sandwich Harbour in Swakopmund and giving you the chance to capture shots of pelicans in flight. Essentially, this workshop takes you to the best locations of Northern Namibia, and provides you with the perfect conditions to make the most of them.


This Namibia photo tour offers you a chance to greatly sharpen your skills. It’s the ideal practice ground for various types of photography, and you’ll receive all the necessary tuition to create masterful images. We travel in small groups, and you can expect a 1:3 instructor to participant ratio on this Namibia photo tour. This allows for very personalized tutoring, and lets everyone work at their own level and pace. The trip is therefore perfectly suitable for photographers of all levels.

You can expect to learn about both the creative and technical aspects of photography. Depending on the interests of the group, lectures and workshops can be on creative composition, technicalities of digital landscape photography, astrophotography, creating panoramic images, time lapses, painting with light, or post-production and editing.

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Day 1 : Arrival in Windhoek

Upon arriving at the Windhoek airport you’ll be transferred to the guest house. Here, you can spend the day resting by the pool and preparing for the journey ahead. You’ll also have the chance to meet one of the workshop leaders and the rest of your group.

Day 2: Travel to Etosha

You’ll leave shortly after breakfast in Windhoek and begin a long drive to Etosha. Once you arrive, if there is time you will go for a short game drive, otherwise your evening will be spent on a lecture or planning activities for the coming days.

Day 3 & 4: Onguma Game Reserve

You will spend the next two days on private game drives and sessions at the sunken game hide located by the edge of a waterhole. You’ll take two days at the reserve to explore the 30,000 hectares and take in all the sights it has to offer. You can expect to find an impressive cast of wildlife including lions, elephants, giraffes, and a multitude of bird species.

As well as the pre-planned safari expeditions, you’ll have the chance to go on bush walks and visit prime bird-watching spots.

Day 5: Travel to the Cattle Plains

You’ll depart from Onguma for an early morning game drive through Etosha Natioanl Park. The drive will enter through the eastern gate, Von Lindequist Gate, and after a few hours exploring the area, you’ll travel towards Galton Gate on the northern border.

The drive will provide you with ample wildlife photo opportunities, then you will exit the park and travel to the nearby King Nehal Lodge.

Day 6: Ruacana Falls

Today will be spent exploring Ruacana Falls. Situated on the Kunene River, Ruacan Falls is Namibia’s largest waterfall with a height of 120 meters and a width of 700 meters. The river twists through a rocky landscape before plummeting into the deep gorge of Ruacana which is surrounded by lush green scenery.

The contrast of terrains coupled with the surreal veil of mist from the falls that spreads for miles around make this an incredibly exciting location for landscape photography.

Day 7: Epupa Falls

From Ruacana Falls you will follow the Kunene river through some of Namibia’s most beautiful, untouched parts of Namibia towards Epupa Falls. As you travel along the river, the scenery will grow greener and more densely vegetated providing new landscape photography possibilities. Also, you’ll stop at small villages and settlements along the way where you can experience some of Namibia’s local customs and traditions.

Once you’ve arrived, you’ll spend some time walking along the river bank and taking in the series of cascading waterfalls which drop over a height of approximately 1.5 kilometers.

Day 8: Epupa & travel to Opuwa

Your day will begin with an early morning shoot of the Epupa Falls capturing the breathtaking beauty of the site in ideal lighting.

Then, after a quick breakfast, you’ll begin your long journey to Purros. The vast expanses of Namibia mean that this journey can’t be done in one day and so you’ll stopover in Opuwa for the night. Though technically a stopover, Opuwa has its own opportunities for interesting photography, especially at dusk, when you’ll arrive.

Day 9: Himba people in Hoarusib River Valley & travel to Purros

Another day on the road will show yet more of the diversity that Namibia’s scenery has to offer. Terrain will get rockier as you travers unpaved roads, dry river beds and twisting mountain passes. Again, whilst this is a travel day, you’ll pass incredible vistas and unique, desert-adapted flora and fauna, providing you with exciting photo opportunities as you go.

You’ll approach Purros and see the distinct red sand dunes of the Hoarusib River Valley, home to the Himba people with their visually striking customary clothing.

Day 10: Scenic drive to Twyfelfontein

Having spent the night in Purros, you’ll travel along another scenic drive to Twyfelfontein providing you with more rocky and rugged landscapes to train your camera’s sights on. From arriving in Twyfelfontein, you’ll already be in the shadow of the behemothic Brandberg mountains. You’ll capture a few shots of the mountainscape from a distance before stopping here for the night.

Day 11 - 13: Brandberg Mountain

It’s a short drive from Twyfelfontein so you’ll take a scenic detour through the park area at the base of the mountain before stopping at the Painted Lady Lodge for lunch.

Brandberg Mountain, or the Burning Mountain, is Namibia’s largest and provides a host of photo ops, and so the workshop dedicates a few days to taking advantage of all the region has to offer.

Primarily, there’s the mountains themselves. Set against the changing colors of the sky, the silhouette of the mountain’s peaks and valleys present the opportunity to create magnificent images. Then, there’s striking rock formations caused by erosion, a variety of endemic species of desert-adapted flora and fauna, remarkably clear views of the stars at night, and ancient artwork painted onto the rockface.

Day 14: Sandwich Harbour

Our day will start with a boat trip out on the waters of Sandwich Harbour in Swakopmund. This is hands-down the best way to view the huge populations of pink-backed Pelicans and Flamingos in the area as they fly alongside the boat.

After lunch you’ll take a guided tour of the Skeleton Coast and then a sunset shoot of the dunes as they glow pink and orange against the deep blue of the Atlantic ocean.

Day 15: Departure from Windhoek

Early in the morning, you’ll return from Walvis Bay, then say your final farewells before heading to the airport for your flight home.

April 5 – 20, 2025
Landscape & Wildlife Photography
Leader: Emil von Maltitz & Nick van de Wiel
Group Size: Max. 6
All Photography Levels

€ 7690

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(single supplement available upon request)

  • All scheduled meals during the trip
  • Lodges and hotels
  • All transport during the tour
  • Airport transfers
  • Entrance fees
  • Photographic tutoring by Emil von Maltitz and Nick van de Wiel
  • Flights to and from Namibia
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Drinks
  • Items of a personal nature
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For this Namibia photo tour, we recommend the following equipment:

  • SLR camera
  • A range of lenses; ideally including a wide angle and a telephoto lens
  • Tripod
  • Sturdy camera bag
  • Laptop if you’re keen to improve your post-production skills, and/or if you’d like to review your images during the trip


photographer Emil von Maltitz

Emil von Maltitz is an internationally recognized South African landscape photographer and member of the International Environmental Photographers Association. He has been involved in photography for the better part of the last two decades. After completing his post graduate degree in Anthropology, he opted to pursue his dream and turn his passion for photography into his career. Along with freelance commercial and assignment photography, Emil spends time running a number of photographic workshops. Well-versed and knowledgeable in the Adobe suites, Emil will be able to help and guide in photo-editing and several advanced photographic techniques during the workshop. A particular interest of Emil’s is the theory and practical application of advanced composition in landscape photography, which will be discussed at length during the workshop.

Photographer taking photos of the sunset

Nick van de Wiel is originally from The Netherlands, where he graduated with a BSc and an MSc in biology before moving to South Africa. He and Emil met and began to work together in 2008. Nick is the owner and operator of Tailor Made Safaris with their head office based in St. Lucia, South Africa. He is an accomplished photographer, writer, biologist and a FGASA Level 3 expert nature guide, teaching photographic workshops independently or with Limephoto in the Drakensberg, Zululand, Wild Coast, Namibia, Madagascar and Iceland. He is well known for his inventive teaching methods and, although technically very able, both ‘in camera’ as well as with post processing, Nick is very focused on the creative as well as meditative aspect of photography.

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