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27 February 2019 - Inspiration

5 Best Wildlife Photography Instagram Accounts

The Best 5 Wildlife Photographers on Instagram

Find out where to find wildlife photography inspiration

These days, one of the best tools for finding photography inspiration is Instagram. With almost everyone having access to the channel, it has become a platform for photographers of all levels to share their work. However, with such a wide offer, it can be hard to find accounts that are really worth following. So to save you some time, we have listed some of the best wildlife photography Instagram accounts that will be sure to inspire. Enjoy!
– Text by Liselotte Tieman

1. @JessFindlay

Jess is based in Canada. He is specialized in alaskan wildlife, but as he travels all over, so don’t be surprised to come across the most exotic wildlife images taken all over the world.


Wildlife Photography Instagram Jess Findlay













2. @Stevewinterphoto

National Geographic photographer Steve Winter definitely knows how to capture wildlife – and he makes a point of raising awareness on conservation issues, too. Steve uses his beautiful photography to tell important stories, and his account is definitely worth a follow. Enjoy, get inspired and learn.

wildlife photography Instagram accountswildlife photography Instagram accounts

3. @brianskerry

Brian Skerry is a National Geographic photographer, specialized in marine wildlife. Brian was named a Nikon Ambassador and has been won a numerous photography awards. Not surprisingly, his Instagram contains some the most beautiful underwater shots.

Wildlife Photography Instagram Brian SkerryWildlife Photography Instagram Brian Skerry


4. @ronan_donovan

While he spent some time studying wild chimpanzees in Uganda for Harvard University, Ronan developed his passion for wildlife photography. Visit his Instagram page to find a great variety of stunning wildlife photography.

wildlife photography Instagram accountswildlife photography Instagram accounts

5. @paulnicklen

Last but not least, it’s worth checking out the extremely talented photographer Paul Nicklen. With over 5 million followers, his account features spectacular wildlife pictures, from both the North and South Pole. Paul is a daredevil, resulting in marvellous moments captured at the right time. A true source of inspiration for many.

wildlife photography Instagram accountswildlife photography Instagram accounts






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