The 5 Best Street Photography Instagram Accounts

Find the most inspiring street photographers to follow on Instagram

Instagram is a great source of inspiration for street photography. The platform has given a voice to a great number of talented street photographers, and following them can be a great source of inspiration for your own photography. We’ve investigated some Instagram pages and handpicked our top 5 favorite Instagram accounts for you to check out, follow, and enjoy!

– Text by Liselotte Tieman

1. @Phraction

Ryan Tacay (artist name: Phraction) is a Toronto-based street photographer. He is fascinated by humans and aims to capture a time or moment rather than a place. His images are an incredible play of shadows and silhouettes. His work has been published and exhibited several times, but anyone can follow Ryan’s inspiring journey on his Instagram account!

Ryan Tacay Street Photography InstagramRyan Tacay Street Photography Instagram2. @Monaris_

Born in Puerto Rico and based in New York City, Paola Franqui has always had a passion for visual storytelling. Her street photography is insane; she knows how to read people and manages to tell amazing stories through photography. Luckily for us, she shares the results on her Instagram. She definitely has an eye for detail, and knows how to capture these at the exact right timing.

Paola Franqui Street Photography InstagramPaola Franqui Street Photography Instagram

3. @Leoleoparis

Hannibal Renberg shares amazing iPhone-taken street photography with us on his Instagram! Explore the streets and people of Paris through his lens.

Hannibal Renberg Street Photography InstagramHannibal Renberg Street Photography Instagram

4. @gboxcreative

Most people think of dark images when thinking of street photography, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be dark, right? Girma is an Ethiopia-based street photographer, who is one of the few that brings pops of color into his photography. Besides color, his photography is very human focused. His Instagram account definitely is a source of creativity and inspiration.

Girma Street Photography Instagramgboxcreative Street Photography Instagram

5. @lindawisdomphotography

Street photographer Linda Wisdom shares her amazing urban photography with us on her Instagram page. Her minimalist approach in photography results in stunning images.

Linda Wisdom Street Photography InstagramLinda Wisdom Street Photography Instagram












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