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– Text by Juliana Connors, images by Emil von Maltitz

Discounted Photography Workshops

If you are searching for your 2018 adventure, look no further! We are excited to announce a discount on photography workshops to Namibia and Madagascar. Be sure to act fast, as the discounts are offered on a limited basis. A 5% discount will be available on the Madagascar workshop until the end of January and the Namibia workshop until the end of February.

Expert Guides

Travelers can expect well-rounded photography guidance by two professional photographers, Emil von Maltitz and Nick van de Wiel.  As Emil explains, “we try to teach photography in a way that the photographers tackling new techniques really know the technique by the end of the workshop. Some instructors bark out settings and compositions and the photographers are meant to copy them. The guest photographer might get the shot, but won’t know or understand how they got the shot. This doesn’t help that photographer in the long term. We have found that through guided teaching of the photographers on our trips are able to instill a better understanding of the techniques that are taught, meaning that they can be reproduced without any help.” Whether beginner or advanced, a photographer can be sure to experience an exceptional photography workshop under the guidance of Emil and Nick.

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The Namibia workshop is most ideal for landscape photographers, as the untouched land offers a setting both unique and incredibly diverse. When asked what some of the highlights of the most recent trip in October were, Emil explains that it is a challenge to pinpoint a specific photographic highlight in Namibia. “It’s hard to pick out an actual highlight from the workshop. We asked the photographers the same question towards the end of the trip and the responses were amazingly varied with each location coming up as one of the photographer’s personal favourites.” Guests can expect to photograph the surreal vistas of the famous Sossusvlei and Deadvlei, the dune filled ruins of Kolmanskop, and the quiver tree forest. Namibia makes an idyllic destination for any landscape photographer.

One of our recent participants, Val Mahan, remarked on whether the Namibia photo tour met expectations: “Yes. I got exposed to much more than I expected; couldn’t absorb it all. The particular care and attentiveness of the instructors was a couple steps above my previous experiences with photo workshops.” The destination coupled with wonderful photography instruction makes for a special photography holiday.

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Or, if you are looking for something a bit more adventurous, the Madagascar workshop might the one for you. The island of Madagascar is the place to be for a photo tour unlike any other. From the white sand beaches, to the jungles and the mountains, Madagascar is a photographic wonderland. In the words of Emil, “There’s landscape, people, animals and architecture to keep you busy. It is truly an adventure trip. On our last trip in 2017 we had photographers walking through streets shooting candid people images in the morning, and in the evening settling down to photograph the stars over mountain ranges.”
Guest photographers can expect a variety of photography highlights along the Madagascar Photography workshop. You will have the chance to photograph the iconic aisle of Boababs, the many species of lemur endemic to the island, the friendly Malagasy people and even dabble in astrophotography. Do not miss the opportunity to capture moments only experienced on this extraordinary island.

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Baobab Alley, Madagascar