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23 August 2023 - Botswana, Photo Tours

Why Botswana is Great for Photo Safaris

10 Reasons to go on a Botswana Photo Safari Tour

Heading out on a photo safari tour is a dream for many travelers and photography enthusiasts. If nothing else, a photo safari tour is great if you want to create impressive wildlife photography and improve your skills with a camera. However, they’re also a way to reconnect with nature, visit boast-worthy sites, learn about foreign cultures, and explore unknown countries. Botswana is a great destination for all the above.

If you’re deciding where to go on your photography trip, we’re here to give you all the reasons to go on a Botswana photo safari. It’s an expansive country of motley landscapes filled with a stunning cast of all of Africa’s most iconic wildlife and more. The opportunities for wildlife photographers to hone their craft with a camera whilst collecting a stonking set of images are endless.

If you’re wondering why Botswana is good for a photo safari tour, here are some answers to reel you in!

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1. For the wildlife

Botswana is good for photo safaris because it offers a wide range of safari experiences, each with its own unique opportunities for wildlife photography. Some are even world-famous, like the Okavango Delta, one of the most iconic wildlife destinations in the world, or Chobe National Park, which has heaving elephant populations and exciting boat safari experiences. Others are lesser known, like the other worldly annual occurrence of the zebra migration across the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans.

Put simply, Botswana photo safaris will offer you some of the best encounters with wildlife a photographer could ask for.

2. For the bird photography

It might not be everyone’s thing, but the birdlife diversity is one of the best reasons to go on a Botswana photo tour.

Botswana is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with over 580 bird species, including elusive species like Pel’s fishing owl and wattled cranes. The diverse habitats, from marshes to woodlands, provide a rich tapestry for capturing the vibrant plumage and unique behaviors of these avian wonders.

To get the best of Botswana bird photography, visit during wet season when the country hosts an array of migratory birds too.

3. For the Okavango Delta

Why go on a Botswana photo safari? The Okavango Delta, the “Jewel of the Kalahari”. Enough said.

It’s the dream of many wildlife photographers to visit this iconic location and with good reason. One of the world’s largest inland deltas, this unique ecosystem is a haven for a plethora of wildlife species, both big and small. The intricate network of water channels and islands provides a dynamic landscape for photographers to capture the intimate moments of animals as they navigate through the watery labyrinth.

4. For low-impact, eco-friendly safaris

Botswana is also a country where you can enjoy intimate encounters with nature and keep a clean conscience. The country is a pioneering advocate for low-impact, sustainable tourism.

In Botswana, people appreciate that nature is a valuable asset and protecting it is of paramount importance. The country has strict restrictions on how many lodges can be built near nature reserves, how many people can visit safari parks at any given time, and how safaris can approach wildlife encounters, all to reduce overcrowding and minimize the ecological footprint of tourism.

So, you can visit the country, enjoy the wildlife encounters, and rest easy knowing there are strong systems in place to protect areas and the animals that live there.

elephants in botswana

Photo Credit to Alan Hewitt

5. For untouched wilderness

The country’s sustainable practices for tourism means you can experience unspoiled natural beauty on a Botswana photo tour.

Much of Botswana’s wilderness remains unspoiled by mass tourism and development, allowing for healthy populations of wildlife to act as subjects, and pristine landscapes to serve as backdrops.

Also, with access to parks being restricted, you’ll enjoy more exclusive, less crowded, photo safaris and won’t have other safari vehicles cluttering the frame for your photography. These exclusive opportunities enable photographers to get closer to the action and maximize their chances of capturing stunning shots.

6. For the undiscovered gems

All the restrictions around tourism also mean Botswana isn’t a well-trodden tourist destination and there are still corners of the country undiscovered by the masses.

For instance, Tuli Block (the destination for our exclusive wildlife photography Safari in Botswana) is described by Lonely Planet as ‘Botswana’s best kept secret’. The area has an open, rocky, moon-like climate with great chances to see some of Botswana’s larger species, like lions, leopards, and cheetahs, and incredible birdlife too. It’s a hidden gem for the wildlife photographer, offering all the best of Botswana wildlife.

7. For the culture

One of the best reasons to go on a Botswana photo tour is to learn about the country’s rich tapestry of cultures and vibrant heritage.

Botswana has a broad cast of ethnic groups, indigenous inhabitants, and various tribes, each with their own distinct customs and traditions, many of which depend on a close relationship with nature.

Witnessing the peculiar hunting techniques of the San people, or learning the survival strategies of the Kalahari desert tribes is a unique bonus of Botswana photo safaris. Needless to say, encountering these tribes provides exciting photography opportunities too.

8. For the variety of landscapes

We know, landscapes don’t tend to excite the dedicated wildlife photographer, but you’d be a fool to overlook the spectacular diversity of Botswana’s topography. With the lush greenery of the Okavango Delta’s wetlands juxtaposed against the stark arid beauty of the Kalahari Desert, there are exciting opportunities for landscape photography.

What’s more, this variety of ecosystems, means more variety of wildlife. In the Kalahari Desert, you can find uniquely adapted species like meerkats, Kalahari lions, and brown hyenas.

leopard in Botswana

Photo Credit to Alan Hewitt

9. For the Astrophotography

Again, not the first reason to go on a Botswana photo tour you might think of, but who doesn’t love a starry sky?

That’s right, Botswana’s attractions extend beyond daylight hours. The country’s lack of urban light pollution offers photographers an excellent opportunity to capture the celestial wonders of the African night sky.

10. For the opportunity to explore southern Africa

This may seem counter-intuitive, but one of the best reasons to go on a Botswana photo tour is to get out of Botswana.

For those interested in extended travel, Botswana is a prime location to begin a tour of Southern Africa. Sharing borders with Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa, Botswana serves as a fantastic starting point or hub from which to explore more of the continent.

For instance, our Botswana photo safari pairs very nicely with our South African photo safari.

Want to Experience the Best of Botswana?

Now you see, when it comes to planning a photo safari, Botswana stands out as a destination. Botswana’s remarkable landscapes, diverse wildlife, and commitment to sustainable tourism make it an ideal destination for photo safari tours.

From the vast expanses of the Okavango Delta to the ethereal beauty of the Kalahari Desert, every corner of this country offers a chance to capture the magic of the African wilderness. However, if you want to make sure you’re getting the best of Botswana, you’re going to want expert help planning your trip!

When you book with us, you’re privy to our years of experience in the area and our expertise on the topic of photos safaris. You’ll visit the best destinations, with the best guides, knowing that your trip meets our standards for sustainable practices.

Find out why Botswana is good for safari on a photo tour with us!

Have a thorough look at our available Botswana photo safari tour, and book yours. Or, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


This blog was written by Tom Rusbridge

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