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22 May 2017 - Photography Tips

What Makes Photography Holidays Unique

What is a Photo Tour?

Find out what makes photography holidays stand out from average holidays – and why a photo tour might be the perfect thing for you

If you’re a keen traveler and you love to take pictures, a photo tour might be the perfect way to visit the next destination on your Bucket List. You can obviously practice great photography during any trip – but the opportunities would not be fully optimised for getting the perfect shots. Here’s why.

5 Things that make a photo tour different from a regular holiday: 

  1. Completely Photography Focused Itinerary
    Photo tours are completely designed around photography. We understand what it is photographers are after, and every element of the photo tour itinerary is focused on getting brilliant images. We’ll still visit those travel highlights that regular holidays would take you to – as we don’t want to miss those – but we also make sure that we see them at the best possible angles, and at the times of day when the light does its job perfectly.
  2. Itinerary Flexibility
    Photographic opportunities are unpredictable. That’s why we keep a level of flexibility in our itineraries, so that we can make use of any opportunities that arise. This also allows us to take our time; where an average holiday will generally move past sites quite quickly, we will take as long as it takes to get that perfect shot.
  3. Hands-on Professional Photography Tutoring 
    You’ll be guided by a professional photographer so that you can sharpen your skills and make the most out of the experience. Your photography guide, someone with a great amount of experience in both photography and teaching photography, will accompany you throughout the trip and provide constant tutoring. This is generally both in theory, during lectures in between traveling, and in practice, while you’re photographing. You can expect to learn about all technical elements of photography, the more creative composition parts, as as well post-production. And the tutoring is completely tailored to everyone’s level, so that our photo tours are perfectly suitable for absolute beginners and semi-professionals – and anything in between.
  4. Small Group Size 
    To ensure you’ll have the absolute best experience on a photo tour, we keep our groups small; generally between 6 and 8 participants, depending on the trip and the amount of photographic guides accompanying them. This allows enough one-on-one tutoring, and helps bring out the best photographer in everyone joining.
  5. Traveling with Like-Minded People 
    When joining on a photo tour, you can be sure that you’ll be traveling with likeminded people. This ensures that everyone’s after the same thing – those perfect images. And you might get some inspiration and ideas from your peers too!

Keen to join a photography holiday? Browse through all our photo tours here! 

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