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5 October 2016 - News!

Sabi Sands: The Best of Game Viewing

Sabi Sands: The Best of Game Viewing

Our Kruger Wildlife Photography Workshop will take place in Djuma Game Reserve, one of the private game reserves that form the famous Sabi Sands area. More than just another game drive locale, Sabi Sands is known as one of the best places for game viewing. This sort of experience takes time to cultivate, which the family owners of these game reserves have done admirably.

The Sabi Sand Game Reserve was created in the 1930s by local landowners, and safaris began in the 1950s. Many of the landowners today are part of a 3 to 4 generational legacy of conservation efforts, which is what makes this area so uniquely amazing for game viewing. The conservation efforts have allowed for the wildlife to become habituated, meaning that the animals are used to the presence of people. Additionally, they are not afraid or aggressive towards vehicles, as the wildlife have enjoyed freedom from a memory of being hunted. Because of this, Sabi Sands game viewings are unique and known for one’s ability to get extraordinarily close to the wildlife, even with the elusive leopard.

These close interactions with the wildlife is what makes Sabi Sands so perfect for photographic safaris. You will have the memorable opportunity of seeing big game up close, a chance to take amazing and dramatic photographs from a variety of angles, lighting and distances. Click here to learn more about the tour!

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