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19 October 2020 - Inspiration, New Photography

5 Reasons To Join Our Marine Photography Project in Mozambique


You slowly wake up to the calming sounds of ocean waves hitting the shore. Sunlight pours into your room peacefully, highlighting everything with an orange glow. After a nutritious breakfast, you grab your camera and set out for the day ahead. You spend the morning out on the ocean, capturing memories of encounters with local marine life. Your afternoon is filled with exciting opportunities to get involved in marine conservation projects. Blissfully exhausted, you spent the remainder of your day relaxing along the beachfront.

Welcome to Mozambique.

Text by Jordan Mehling

Mozambique is a tropical paradise. From its dazzling beaches to its fascinating marine ecosystems, it is truly a photographer’s dream. We are so thrilled to now offer a Marine Conservation Photography Project in this beautiful country! As keen photographers ourselves, we are incredibly excited about all the remarkable experiences this project offers (and perhaps slightly jealous!) In this post, we are highlighting 5 reasons to join us on this marine photography adventure! 

Incredible Marine Photography

If you love marine life, Mozambique is the destination for you. 

You will spend your days exploring Bazaruto Archipelago National Park, a 1430km2 sea lover’s heaven. The Bazaruto Archipelago is made up of 6 unique islands: Bazaruto, Benguerra, Magaruque, Santa Carolina (also known as Paradise Island), Banque, and Pansy Shell Island. Home to over 2000 species of fish, 500 species of mollusks, and 9 species of marine mammals, the biodiversity of marine life in this national park is simply astonishing. 

Dive alongside playful dolphins that are eager to become your new best friend. Photograph calm sea turtles that swim by to wave hello. Marvel at the sheer size of humpback whales – in person. (They can grow up to 18 meters long, which is the height of 3 giraffes stacked on top of one another – can you believe it!)

Each day, you will get the opportunity to go out on the open water and spend time photographing these incredible creatures. You will not only improve your marine photography skills but also make some memories that will last a lifetime. 

Exciting Marine Conservation Projects

After your marine adventures, you will use the images you produce to directly contribute to local conservation efforts!

A breeding ground for over 20 endangered and vulnerable species, the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park is a safe haven for many at risk creatures. The giant manta ray, scalloped hammerhead shark, and hawksbill turtle are just a few of the many species in this national park that are at risk of extinction if not protected. 

Most notable of the vulnerable species in the park are dugongs. The adorable cousin of the manatee, dugongs are gentle giants – weighing over 800 pounds and measuring nearly 10 feet long! Dugongs are currently vulnerable to extinction, with their population on a dangerous decline in the wild. The Bazaruto Archipelago National Park is home to the last viable population of dugongs in the Western Indian Ocean. 

During your project, you will team up with a local research team advocate for dugongs and other at risk creatures. Located on the stunning island of Benguerra, the team works to protect marine ecosystems in Eastern African by conducting research and supporting environmental management at a local level. On your conservation photography project, you will join them as they seek to achieve this mission! 

Your tasks will be varied each day and sure to be filled with exciting adventures. You will spend your days out on the ocean with research teams, documenting their studies of local endangered species through your photographs. From highlighting your images in research reports to using them to promote community-led conservation projects, there are a variety of ways your photos will create an impact! 

During your time in Mozambique, there will be no shortage of exciting opportunities to get involved in marine conservation!

Amazing Photographic Opportunities to Build a Strong Portfolio

Do you adore marine life? Does the idea of spending your days out on the open ocean make you want to run to the nearest beach? Are you a keen photographer looking for an exciting career to dive into? (No pun intended!) Marine photography is an incredible career field that combines all these passions. If this interests you, building a strong portfolio of underwater images is a great place to start! 

Training your eye to capture gorgeous underwater images takes practice. This project will give you the quality time you need to practice building your skills as a strong marine photographer. You will have exposure to some phenomenal photographic opportunities that will make for some stunning images in your portfolio. You will also have the option of getting professional guidance and tutoring from a local professional photographer. 


Gaining experience in the water is key to starting your career in marine photography. When you are not shooting, you will have access to some exhilarating leisure activities that will get you more comfortable underwater! Participate in a PADI diving course. Learn to free dive for the first time alongside whale sharks. Or, go for a peaceful snorkel alongside local sea turtles. On Benguerra Island, there is no shortage of thrilling opportunities to get in the ocean. 

Gorgeous Beaches

If you want to find some of the world’s most tranquil beaches, look no further – Mozambique has you covered. The beaches along the coast of Mozambique are utterly spectacular. Described in an article by the Telegraph as being “Africa’s most underrated beach paradise”, one does not have to look far to see what makes the beaches of Mozambique so remarkable. 

Little to no crowds. Soft white sand. Picturesque sandbars. Sparkling blue water. These beaches have it all. 

During your stay on Benguerra Island, you will be fully immersed in a beach paradise. With access to an inviting beachfront right outside your accommodation, you will get to experience everything we love about these beaches for yourself. 

There is so much more we could say about how much we love Mozambique’s beaches. Instead, we think it would be more powerful to show you:

Eco-Friendly Accommodations

The research base where you will stay is simply stunning. 

Created with a carbon-neutral concept, the research station has many eco-friendly features that make it an accommodation like no other. 

The research team has a commitment to zero-waste and sustainable waste management. This means that the research station produces no excess waste or garbage! They use renewable solar energy to bring life to the station and permaculture principles to become more self-sufficient. Beyond this, the station itself was hand-built as a community project, using local materials and highlighting the skills of community residents. A commitment to the environment and community development is truly the foundation of this incredible building. 

This eco-friendly paradise is also an incredible place to stay! Complete with serviced dormitories, a tented camp, and shared bathroom facilities, the lodge is a comfortable base to recharge at the end of a long day. 

Laugh with fellow researchers at the beachfront barbecue. Reminisce about the memories you have made in Mozambique as you watch the sunset over a vast ocean horizon. Or after the excitement of a full day, tuck in early to catch up on some sleep in your cozy bed. The evenings are yours, and at the research station, you will never run out of places to enjoy. 

There are so many incredible things we could say about this marine photography project. If you are someone who loves photography and loves the ocean – this is the trip for you. Mozambique is a truly special place, and we cannot wait to invite you to experience its beauty. 

If you are keen to join us, we would love to see your application! Check out the project page for details on how to apply. 

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