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19 April 2017 - Photography Tips

10 Facts About Botswana That Will Make You Want To Go There


By Regina Muller 

Botswana holds some of Africa’s most unique landscapes and incredible wildlife. Largely untouched by human civilization, the country is a sprawling wilderness belonging to elephants, leopards, buffalo and other chief members of African wildlife. You can explore Botswana with us on a photography workshop; a true wilderness adventure led by BBC presenter and professional photographer Trai Anfield. Before reading more about our workshop, here are ten interesting facts about Botswana:

1. Out of all countries in Africa, Botswana is among the most stable. It has the longest running multi-party democracy in the continent and little institutionalised corruption. The human population is small, a little over 2 million. A large amount of these people are Bushmen, native tribes who live with little to no recognition of conventionally modern culture and technology. 38% of the country’s landscape is dedicated to national parks and wildlife reserves.

2. A massive amount of the country’s income is based on safari tourism and mining. Botswana produces the most diamonds in all of Africa, and this market is what turned the country from third-world to a middle-income nation, starting around the time of national independence. Diamond revenue pays for the primary education for every child in Botswana (til the age of 13) and counts for fifty percent of the government’s value.

Elephant in Botswana3. Visiting Botswana is an experience different from any other safari in Africa. The country is unique in its vastly untouched lands bursting with thriving African species. The wilderness is quiet and peaceful and will open your mind to a calm world, unlike the bustling lives we are used to today. Out of every country in the world, Botswana has the seventh lowest population density.

4. Gay rights groups attained legal recognition by Botswana’s government in 2014, a massive step towards the attainment of equal human rights in the country.

5. Botswana was formerly known as the “British protectorate of Bechuanaland.” After gaining independence in 1966, the country was renamed to Botswana. Since then, Botswana has achieved one of the world’s most rapidly increasing economies since liberation in 1966, transforming itself from originally being one of the poorest.

6. In total area, all of Botswana could fit inside Texas.

7. Botswana is home to the Kalahari Desert, which takes up about 80% of the entire country, the Okavango Delta and the Saltpans – all incredibly unique natural wonders. These landscapes make for photographic opportunities you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

8. Botswana has the highest concentration of wild elephants in Africa, with most of them living in Chobe National Park.

9. Botswana is also home to huge numbers of meerkats! These interesting creatures can be observed in their natural habitat and photographed with exclusively close views.

10. As a foreigner visiting Botswana, locals may call you “lekgoa”. In English, this directly translates to ‘spat out by the sea’.

Keen to travel to this unique country? Visit our webpage for a full itinerary and overview of our photographic adventure of a lifetime in gorgeous & exclusive Botswana!

Elephants in the river in BotswanaLeopard, Panthera pardus, female in a mopane tree, looking at camera, Botswana, Africa

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