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Voicing Environmental Stories Through Photography

We’re proud to have been part of a photography workshop with a great cause in Zambia, and are excited to show the incredible work that was achieved. The two-week workshop was a collaboration between Iliziwi, a South African based organisation, Greenpop, an environmental NGO, and the Penda Trust. It was integrated into Greenpop’s annual Festival of Action in Livingstone, and hosted on the ground by the Ilizwi team; a group of inspired and inspiring people. They hosted the workshop for a small group of young talented Zambians, and together were able to create fantastic work that gives a voice to both the subject and the photographer. 

Meaning “voice” in Xhosa, Ilizwi works to “open up a platform for young people who don’t have access to photography to tell the stories that matter to them most,” and we are excited to see that vision carried out with commitment during this two-week workshop. Each participant was paired with a local Zambian or Greenpop member who play important roles in their community. Their project was to tell the story of that person through photography, and they were guided along the way by the Ilizwi team of professional photographers. The young Zambians, many of whom had never used a camera before, progressed remarkably well, completing the two weeks with powerful images.

Voicing Environmental Stories Through Photography

Each photographer wrote a piece on their work and selected the best images to tell their photo story. Among family, friends and Greenpop volunteers, they proudly presented their work at the concluding photography exposition. We’ll post a blog post shortly with a selection of the work that was created!

This workshop was an inspiring addition to Greenpop’s Festival of Action 2016, which welcomed 145 participants from 20 countries. The volunteers were able to plant 400 trees, established 6 new community forest gardens, planted an orchard and painted 5 murals, creating wonderful memories and meeting new and interesting people every day. Greenpop also ran educational workshops on upcycling, natural building, permaculture, Asset Based Community Development, and bee-keeping. Read more about Greenpop here.

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