Picturing Livingstone Series, Day 4: Candice Mostert

We’re proud and excited to present the next installment of Picturing Livingstone. Here is some of the work produced during our recent photography workshop in Livingstone. During the project, a collaboration of Iliziwi, Greenpop, and the Penda Trust, a group of young Livingstone were equipped with cameras and photography skills, and encouraged to document people in their community who are doing important environmental work. Each day during the next week, we’ll highlight one of the stories that was produced. 

Candice Mostert is one of the founders of Waste-Ed. Waste-Ed incorporates holistic and ‘environment dependent’ waste solutions to festivals, communities, businesses and schools. Her organisation runs and develops school and business programmes to support further education on waste materials, finding local solutions that keep our planet clean and green.

Day 4: Candice. Written and photographed by Ngosa Musenga. 

Ma Candice!
Ma Trash Queen!
Ma Litter Manager!
Ma Clean up Mentor!
Ma Fashion Killer?
Ma Trash Queen!!

Candice has been working with Greenpop since 2012. These photos document the work she did for the Trash Fashion Show at Maramba Cultural Village.

photography workshop picturing Livingstone by Ngosa Musenga

photography workshop picturing Livingstone by Ngosa Musenga

Meet the photographer, Ngosa Musenga:

photography workshop picturing Livingstone by Ngosa Musenga



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