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Penda Trust with Tyrone Turner: Amy Biehl Foundation

National Geographic photographer Tyrone Turner donated a week of his time to do work with the Penda Trust. Throughout the week, he visited several NGOs and social enterprises benefiting people in the Western Cape, offering photographic training and donating his own quality photographs to improve each organisation’s visual presentation. At the Amy Biehl Foundation, Tyrone led a cellphone photography workshop for their programme facilitators.

The Amy Biehl Foundation focuses on providing productive and empowering alternatives to youth living among negative influences. Started in memory of a South Africa-loving activist from America who was killed in 1993 during an act of political mob violence in the township of Gugulethu, the foundation now operates 5 after-school care centers. These after school programmes provide a healthy alternative for children, empowering and educating them with the hopes that they will grow up to be active and engaged members of their communities. Seeking to cater to a diversity of interests and needs, the Amy Biehl Foundation runs a variety of after-school programs, including “music, HIV/AIDS peer education, greening and environmentalism, literacy, creative arts, drama and dance, sports, and computer literacy.” Additionally, the Foundation raises awareness of these programmes and areas, offering township tours and volunteer opportunities for visitors.

For more information, visit their website.

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Photos by Tyrone Turner:


Photo below by Patrick West: