Penda Trust with Tyrone Turner: Fountain of Hope

National Geographic photographer Tyrone Turner donated a week of his time to do work with the Penda Trust. Throughout the week, he visited several NGOs and social enterprises benefiting people in the Western Cape, offering photographic training and donating his own quality photographs to improve each organisation’s visual presentation. Baphumelele was one such organisation and Fountain of Hope was one of its projects.

An organisation active in bettering the lives of at-risk youth, largely from the townships, Baphumelele is well known for its programs and its practice of responding to the real needs of the communities they serve. The Fountain of Hope Youth Program was thus started and adapted as it became increasingly evident that youth who turned 18, thus aging out of the children’s’ homes, were unprepared to live a life out on their own. From a lack of profitable or domestic skills to the resultant sense of inadequacy and hopelessness, with nowhere to turn, the people of Baphumelele saw these youth return to the street. Thus this new program began, in Philippi, a place to learn how to be an adult, a “fountain of hope”. Geared towards youth aged 18-21, the 12-month program is completely voluntary, each participant arriving by mutual agreement between the referring party and the individual. Through the program, the participants are empowered to learn skills that will help them professionally, personally and psychologically, helping them to transition into productive adults capable of living on their own.

Click here learn more about Baphumelele and the Fountain of Hope programme.

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Photos by Tyrone Turner with a cellphone camera.

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