We’re incredibly excited to introduce you to Penda, a photographic workshop company with a difference. Come and explore with us! 

Penda is the product of three people coming together with combined passions for travel, photography, and NGO work. We realised that blending these specialities would create an amazing union; one that could both offer mind-blowing photographic experiences and generate positive change at the same time.

We created Penda Photo Tours, a way through which photographers of all levels can improve their photography skills while explore some of the most stunning places on earth. Our photo tours and photography workshops offer exclusive opportunities, and are guided by experts. We also created the Penda Trust, a charity that uses photography to generate positive change in developing countries. Our projects train talented young people, support grass-roots charities by supplying them with professional images, and use photography as a tool to raise awareness on important issues.

Our company and charity are closely integrated. Penda Photo Tours pays for the main running costs of the Penda Trust, allowing the charity to operate on a hundred-percent-model. This means that 100% of donations can go to our projects. Clients on our tours and workshops will learn about our charity work and, where possible, have the opportunity to engage and contribute.

Most importantly, Penda is based on one vision; the believe that it is possible to have the photography trip of a lifetime and do something good at the same time. Join us, and find out for yourself.

Here are some examples of exciting photography workshops:

Wildlife Photography Workshop in South Africa: an exclusive photography safari guided by National Geographic photographer Tyrone Turner

Leopard in the serengeti national reserve on Penda Workshop

Authentic Cuba: an original and off-the-beaten-track cultural photography workshop

banner cuba from Penda Workshop

Namibia Landscape Photography Workshop: a photographic exploration of Namibia’s striking landscapes

Namibia landscape photography on Penda Workshop

Maasai Mara Wildlife Photography Workshop: a photography safari set right in the middle of the famous and oh-so-stunning Maasai Mara

wildlife photography

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