Find out more about this nonprofit photography project in Cape Town, shot by Sarah Isaacs

Girl Impact: A Penda Trust Project

Through our nonprofit, Penda Trust, we seek to raise awareness on important causes through photography. We were honoured to have Cape Town photographer Sarah Isaacs volunteer her time to document Girl Impact, a female empowerment program, in one of Cape Town’s underprivileged communities – with a powerful series of portraits as a result. 

The Girl Impact is a nonprofit initiative that seeks to support teenage girls and give them a better start to womanhood by not only advancing their knowledge, but by ensuring the boys and men in their community see the value of healthy, educated and empowered local women. Their goal is to see young women and better informed young men, working together to close the huge gender equality gap. The program focuses their work on the ‘Six Pillars of Girl Impact’; education, health, safety, early pregnancy, income generation and self-confidence.

Sarah joined the project at Sonwabile afterschool care, one of the locations of the Girl Impact project, where the current focus does on self confidence. Through games and conversations, the children are taught a range of skills, from public speaking to positive thinking, all with the aim of boosting the girl’s self image and confidence. To portray the self confidence of the girls participating, Sarah took individual portraits – all of them with striking character. The girls will all be given their portraits.

To find out more about the Girl Impact, or to donate to this amazing initiative, visit their website. And check out Sarah’s website to see more of her work.

 All pictures by Sarah Isaacs.
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