Cuba is gritty, vibrant, and undeniably photogenic. It’s an exciting place to explore, and a dream setting for a Cuba photography workshop.

In Cuba, there is an unmissable and unique sense of history. This a country that embraces the present, but also celebrates its turbulent past. This tiny island has seen more than its fair share of hardships, but it’s a country full of hope and optimism, of passion and self-belief, fuelled by people who have never given in or given up.

For photographers, Cuba is a dream setting. The preservation of Cuba’s history gives a unique sense of a time gone by. Its architecture is timeworn but magnificent. Cuba’s people are open and welcoming, their culture vibrant. The street scenes are captivating and ever-changing.

We’ll help you tell some of Cuba’s fascinating stories during our photo workshops. Hosted by professional photographers Andy Scaysbrook and Andrew Bell, our Cuba photography holidays will allow you to improve your photography skills, while exploring the many exciting sides of Cuba. And to make sure there’s something for everyone, we offer two options; Authentic Cuba, a photo workshop with a specific cultural focus, and Ultimate Cuba, a photo workshop for those who also want some luxurious relaxation time.

Feeling inspired to join? Give us a shout, and we’ll give you some further info!

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