Budget Friendly Gift Ideas for Photographers

For many, the end of the year is a time to come together. To appreciate the relationships in your life, and to show your appreciation through the exchange of gifts. As we all know, gift-giving can often be a difficult and stressful practice. Not only must it show that you understand who the person is, but for many of us the cost can be a serious factor, and when it comes to photography, prices can be shocking. For those facing such a challenge, we’ve compiled a few fun and affordable photography gift ideas that are sure to be appreciated.

First of all, some DIY options (for the craft-y type): 

1. Camera Straps
Making a camera strap for your photographer friend can be a fun idea to personalise your gift. What’s more, there are tons of tutorials on Pinterest and elsewhere on a number of styles and designs for you to follow! Here are a couple we found particularly creative.

This up-cycled infinity scarf by Our Pretty Little Girls.
This strap made from a belt by Wilma.

recycled belt camera strap

2. Camera Bag
Another great project, a camera bag can be as simple or detailed as you like, in whatever sort of material you like. Got an idea? You’re bound to find a step-by-step guide on how to make it. Here are a few to get you thinking.

This insert by Make It & Love It will make any bag camera-ready.
This versatile sling bag by The Sweet Seattle Life.

versatile sling bag

3. Vintage Camera Bookend
If your friend or family member likes both photography and books, like we do, how about combining the two in some up-cycled bookends? For instance, we love these by Smile and Wave.

camera up-cycle project

Or, if you’re feeling less creative, here are some easy-to-buy but still exciting affordable photography gifts: 

4. Books: There are tons of books out there to inspire the photographer. Here are some of our favorites.

LIFE 100 Photographs that Changed the World
Extraordinary Everyday Photography
Photowisdom: Master Photographers on Their Art
On Photography by Susan Sontag

5. Lens Cap HolderOne thing that can trouble a photographer is constantly keeping track of their lens caps. Vitally important to protecting expensive lenses, caps often aren’t connected to anything. A lens cap holder will give the photographer in your life some piece of mind, especially if they enjoy wildlife or adventure photography.

6. Hot Shoe Camera LevelPerfect for shooting landscape, architecture or even video, this tool can check levels on three planes. Small and incredibly affordable, a hot shoe level can be a useful addition to any photographer’s kit.

7. Photoshop Fridge MagnetsAnyone who’s tried their hand at photography knows the struggle that is editing photos. Get a laugh out of your photographer with these fun and fitting fridge magnets!

8. Clip-on Cell Phone Camera Lens KitsA handy tool for any photographer, these clip-on lenses enhance the photographic capacity of cell phone cameras. Your photographer will be grateful for such a gift, inevitably be caught cameraless when a photographic opportunity presents itself!

Happy crafting and/or buying – and happy holidays!

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