Bokaap has become a tourist icon, a photographic highlight in most Cape Town holiday itineraries. And for a good reason; situated on the slopes of Signal Hill, and with bright-coloured houses lining narrow cobble-stone streets, Bokaap is a charismatic and vibrant neighbourhood. It is also culturally rich and historically complex; most residents, referred to as ‘Cape Malays,’ are descendents from slaves that were imported from Asian countries during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

We plan on exploring this fascinating neighbourhood below the surface, and photographing it from unconventional angles, during our upcoming Cape Town Photography Workshop. National Geographic photographer Tyrone Turner and Capetonian photographer Sarah Isaacs will help you uncover the most exciting vistas and stories Bokaap has to offer. We’ll visit locals at their homes, explore some of the spice shops, and gain insight into the lives of ‘old’ Bokaap generation, as homes passed down from generation to generation are now being sold off to wealthy new buyers.

Interested in joining us? Give us a shout! 

All images by Sarah Isaacs:

Bokaap ©SarahIsaacs-2
Bokaap ©SarahIsaacs-1
Bokaap ©SarahIsaacs-8
Bokaap ©SarahIsaacs-5 Bokaap ©SarahIsaacs-6
Bokaap ©SarahIsaacs-7
Bokaap ©SarahIsaacs-3

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