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5 January 2024 - Cuba, Photography Travel Tips

What to Expect from Photo Tours in Cuba

Welcome to Cuba. A colourful and vibrant island archipelago that provides a culturally rich backdrop for the novice and advanced photographer alike. Keen? So are we!

Cuba guided photo tours not only provide a unique opportunity to refine your craft, but also experience, in intimate detail, the heartbeat of this small country of wonderful contrasts. Our experienced photographic guides will lead you to all the right places, iconic must-sees and hidden gems. This is your chance to hone your photographic skills with your SLR as your weapon of choice.

But what do Cuba photo tours involve exactly? And is it for me? Read on to find out what to expect from a photo tour in Cuba and why choosing one could be right up your cobblestone alley.

Why Choose Cuba for Photo Tours?

This Caribbean island is a colourful patchwork of contrasts, where old meets new and diverse photographic opportunities present themselves at every turn.

On the vibrant streets of Havana, old-school Chevys glint with chrome as they cruise past the Malecon seawall, the world’s longest sofa. In historic Santa Clara, the final resting place of Che Guevara, locals dance with foreigners as the daily rhythm of Cuban life unfolds. In world-heritage listed Trinidad, colonial-era charm collides with pristine beaches. And everywhere you go on our Cuba guided photo tours the warmth of the locals shines through.

So don’t forget that all-important equipment. A portrait lens for capturing the locals as life plays out on the street and the wide-angle for the sweeping landscapes of this island paradise.

Cuba photo tour

4 Things to Expect from a Photo Tour in Cuba

Naturally, knowing what to expect from a photo tour in Cuba before you go, will make all the difference. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Cultural Sensitivity – Ask Before You Take

Consider this for a moment. You’re sitting at your local coffee shop and a total stranger takes a seat nearby and starts snapping pics of you on their Nikon SLR. They don’t ask. They just take. Kind of invasive isn’t it?

During your guided photo tour of Cuba, as it would be anywhere, it’s important to seek permission before capturing someone’s picture, particularly in intimate settings. While Cubans are friendly, and will generally not mind their picture being taken, it’s just the right thing to do and will make your Cuba photo tour so much more enjoyable. So please, ask before you take.

a mural painting of 3 men in Cuba

Weather Considerations

Cuba is sometimes known as the ‘no winter’ island. It’s either hot in the summer or pleasantly warm the rest of the year, with average temperatures ranging from 21 – 27 degrees. As such, it’s rarely cold, but the tropical rain can fall, especially during the peak hurricane season (September to October).

So pack accordingly. Swimming costume essential. Waterproof gear may come in handy for both you and your camera.

Cuba photo tour

Language Basics

While English is spoken in certain tourist-centric areas of Cuba, having a few Spanish words and phrases up your sleeve is a great way to connect with the locals, no matter how clumsily you say: “Can I have a margarita please?”

Flexibility is Key – Open Yourself to Chance Encounters

At Penda our Cuba guided photo tours encourage you to embrace the unpredictability of your journey. Flexibility is the key. Be open to chance encounters.

Chat to the streetside mechanic working on his Buick. Watch and learn from the old men playing dominoes on the cobblestone. Dance like no-one’s watching to the rumba that spills from the bars.

It’s when you least expect it that a new friend and camera-ready moment will make itself known.

Read FAQs About our Photo Tours & Workshops

Top Cuba Photo Tour Opportunities

So what are your options? At Penda, we focus on two different approaches to bring you the best Cuba photo tour opportunities money can buy.

Our Cuba Photojournalism Workshop is a tailor-made, flexible tour exploring the story-telling, documentary style of photography in greater depth. You can choose to visit Havana, Santa Clara and/or Trinidad depending on where your interests lie.

Our Cuba Photo Tour is a set itinerary that zooms in on Havana and Trinidad as focal points for your SLR.

Each destination has something to offer. Vibrant energy, historical and cultural significance or stunning panoramas. It’s the perfect backdrop to hone your photography skills. Either one of our Cuba guided photo tours will enable you to tell Cuba’s fascinating story through the lens.

Our commitment to personalized learning is reflected in our small group sizes. The guidance you receive is tailored to your individual skill level and personal aspirations. Our professional photographers will help bring out your very best from behind the lens, no matter where you are on your own photographic journey.

So, whether you’re new to photography or a seasoned pro, Penda’s meticulously crafted photo tours will help you capture the essence of this island paradise, as seen through your lens.

Get Ready to Experience Cuba like never before!

Professional guidance. Personalised learning. Cultural immersion. A world of captivating narratives awaits you. So, join us for the very best Cuba photo tours that go well beyond the ordinary. You won’t regret it.

If you wish to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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