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20 December 2017 - Photography Tips

The Ibali Photo Collective Comes Full Circle

The Ibali Photo Collective: Exhibition of students´best photographs

Penda Trust celebrated the completion of the pilot program with the Ibali photo exhibition displaying the students’ best pieces at the Vega School. Learn more about the program and enjoy a compendium of the photographs displayed at the exhibition.


The Ibali Photo Collective pilot ran over three months, teaching students’ practical photography skills and how to apply these skills for NGO photography. To begin, the goal of the project is to foster creativity and encourage youths to become active and reflective participants in society. Additionally, this program has been especially important within South Africa’s education system. Unfortunately, arts education often takes a low priority over more standard subjects. The Ibali Photo Collective offers students access to arts education in the context of social development.

The Ibali Photo Collective is a collaboration between Penda Trust and Cape Town photographer, Dave Fisher. Dave is the visionary behind the program and the educator leading the students on their photography journey. The Ibali Photo Collective was born of Dave’s passion for education, photography and using the two cohesively to address community issues. The program included guest lectures from local photographers and guided photography sessions. Lastly, the students photographed for local NGO’s, SevaUnite, Waves 4 Change and the Tears Animal Shelter. The photographs will be available for use by the respective NGOs.

Find out more about the Ibali participants.


A selection of the students’ best photographs were chosen for the Ibali photo exhibition. Specifically, the photos came from the NGO shoots and from photographing around Muizenberg. The event allowed the students’ friends and family, as well as supporters of Penda Trust to see the final products culminating the students’ work during the pilot program. Dave said a few words, introducing the students and explaining the objective of the Ibali Photo Collective. Finally, a slideshow presented behind the scenes pictures of the program, while guests enjoyed sponsored beverages.

Penda Trust would like to thank the supporters and sponsors that made the Ibali photo exhibition a success!


Penda Trust and Dave Fisher hope this is just the beginning for the Ibali Photo Collective. The vision encompasses growth and development for the program. Long-term, the program aims to provide the skills for a career in photography. Ideally, the participants in the pilot program will carry on to a next level photography course as a second phase of Ibali. Following the second phase, would be the potential for a proper apprenticeship with a local photographer. Furthermore, the program aims to expand to more communities in Cape Town and throughout South Africa.

You can donate here to help take the Ibali Photo Collective to its full potential!

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