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3 May 2017 - Photography Tips

6 Questions for Photographer Lucia Griggi


Lucia Griggi is a multi-award winning photographer with a vivid body of work. Having grown up in England and Italy, she combines modern and classic styles to end up with her own distinct photographic voice. She has a love for surfing and outdoor adventures, and has over a decade of experience in both surf photography and nature photography. Her work is internationally recognized and awarded by National Geographic, PDN, Windland Smith Rice International Awards, Black and White photography and the Masters Cup.We asked Lucia six questions about her photography, and asked her to share some of her favourite images.

What sparked your interest in photography? 

My love of photography was developed from my love of the ocean and surfing. I enjoyed traveling around the world, seeing new places and surfing new waves along the coast. In turn this took me to new and fascinating places off the beaten track. I truly wanted to document my journeys and my stories – and from this emerged my love for photography.

What was your first camera, and what equipment do you use now? 

My fist camera was a Nikon film camera. It was my dad’s and he passed it on. Now I use Canon lenses and bodies which are L series and primes, including my 70-200mm 2.8 ISM L, which is my staple lens!

Why travel photography?  

I’m an inquisitive soul and love to see new places and new cultures. My love for traveling has been ingrained in me for a long time now and I couldn’t imagine anything else. I feel my best when I am on the road and exploring the wilderness and remote locations around the world.

What are your main goals with your photography? 

My main goals are to maintain my happiness through my love of photography and to inspire and help others do the same; to improve literacy through travel and change perspectives for those who are able to see the world with an open mind.

Who are some of your favourite photographers (past or present)?  

I really respect Steve McCurry for his eye on culture, and numerous National Geographic photographers who dedicate their lives to conservation and spreading the word thorough their amazing photography of environment issues.

Any secret techniques you can reveal? 

Giving is the key; helping others, which in turn it will help improve your self.


Lucia Griggi



Lucia Griggi photographer

Lucia Griggi


To find out more about Lucia, visit her website.

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