Not only is Lake Clark National Park in Alaska an overwhelmingly beautiful area, it is also offers some of the best bear photography in the world. Lead by award-winning photographer Barrett Hedges, our upcoming bear photography workshop allows photographers of all levels to explore this unique setting.

Lake Clark National Park is a pristine setting. With its tundra-covered hills, glaciers, volcanoes, major rivers, and stunning coastline, the area featured a spectacular array of landscapes. Despite its incredible beauty, the park has a wonderfully low volume of visitors, due to its remoteness. The park is home to a large population of coastal brown bears, drawn here by the foraging and fishing opportunities the area provides. The bears are protected and have never been hunted, which allows us to come unusually close to them.

Our upcoming bear photography workshop will be fully focused on finding the best possible spots to capture these incredible creatures: we will spend our days in the field photographing cubs, females, and male bears in a wide range of behaviors and habitats. Photographic instruction and guidance by Barrett will be available at all times to insure you are able to make the most of the experience. Expect to come home with some incredible images!

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All images by Barrett Hedges:

_3BH5588 bear photography

_3BH4316 bear photography

_BHS6653 bear photography

_A155829 bear photography

_3BH8260 bear photography

_3BH3048 bear photography

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